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Counselling Testimonials  

I’ve been thinking about you the last couple weeks and just wanted to send a thank you. Over the last few months I have been able to come in and out of most panic attacks in almost the snap of my fingers. I have been using the skills you have taught me and they have just been so invaluable. I finally gathered the courage to resign from my job last November and it’s been a great shift so far. Thanks again.  — J.B. 

I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me. You have helped me make it through so many hard times. I appreciate you.  — G.R.

Jill Koziey was able to present the idea of ‘mindfulness’ in a way that worked for me. Using mindfulness helped me to heal my brain in a way that altered the way I view my life and react within it.

 I have learned that the work and dedication I put into myself is worth the time and effort and using meditation has significantly helped me overcome my anxiety. I have learned that my emotions and stress do not define me and seeing the bright side has become much easier. 

Being in a home setting made the experience much more comfortable and warm than if it were in a corporate build-ing. Jill has an inviting tone and atmo-sphere and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance on creat-ing a more positive and happy life.

 — Kendra N.

In just a few sessions, Jill gave me the tools to deal with and move beyond a lifelong, debilitating phobia. Her com-passion, intuition, and expertise made me feel not just supported, but empowered to make the changes I wanted to make. I think often of the serene and welcoming environment of her office, and how some-thing as simple as a comfortable couch and an attentive listener can change a person's life. Jill changed mine, and I am forever grateful.  — Chantel H.

Thank you so much for being the “mentor, friend, mother and sister” I never had. I really appreciate how far you have helped me come and look forward to continuing the journey.  — Ellen C.

Through my sessions with Jill, I have discovered a lot about myself and feel I am becoming an even better “me.” We have an easy-going rapport, so we always share a few laughs, but ultimately, I feel very supported and know that she is in my corner, no matter what we are discussing or working through.

I had wanted my sessions to be productive so that I walk away with ‘homework’ or a new tool to try. This has worked well; I continually reflect upon our sessions and have these “ah-ha!” moments thanks to my work with Jill.  — Rhonda F.

Jill Koziey is experienced, professional and thoroughly likeable.  I trust her with my private thoughts and she has provided me with terrific insights and relief from my anxiety.  Her quiet and thoughtful ques-tions have opened my consciousness to certain unhealthy patterns of thinking.  We have laughed a lot, and I have made great progress.  My sleep is now restful and without the use of sleeping pills.  My relief from anxiety is very real and Jill has been my leader in this process of discov-ery.  I feel very thankful for her wisdom and guidance.  — George O.

I will refer anyone needing someone to talk with for counselling. I know they would benefit from your gentle spirit and kind wisdom.  — Bruce W.

I very much appreciate Jill's respectful approach. Her ability to find ways to support me in my journey to finding balance and provide me with tools to cope with the challenges I was dealing with was excellent.  I continue to see her regularly to make sure I'm tuned up and at my best!  Thank you so much!  — Carol B.

When I first called Jill I needed some help, and over the phone Jill expressed concern and was really listening to what I was saying. In session Jill continues to provide a safe, welcoming environment where I feel at least here I am being listened to. Every session I have had with Jill I came away with an "ah ha" moment that has been very profound. She helped me figure out a fundamental issue I had with doing things for people in hopes that would make them accept and or love me. What a revelation! This understanding has helped me in almost every relationship that I have.  — Sean P.

Jill’s kindness, gentleness, and humour have helped me to see goodness in the world again. Her unwavering presence in my life has been of such benefit that I can’t imagine a world in which I had never met her.  — Grace B.

Jill has been a constant source of support and guidance for me as I travel along my path of wellness.  Her warmth, com-passion and kind nature have made it easier to continue my journey. I often find myself forgetting that I am a client of hers - as at times it seems I am simply talking with an old friend. 

My family and I will be forever grateful to you Jill, for all of your help and support. 

— Bob M.

When searching and seeking out a therapist, there was certain criteria I had hoped to find. Jill exceeded my expect-ations far more than I could have imagined. 

Let me explain why. Jill oozes authenticity and sincere human connection which made it easy to work through my dis-comfort that arises in therapy. Instead of colluding with me and my experiences, Jill brought forth mindfulness and attachment techniques to explore and process my discomfort further. I strongly value Jill's honest approach. I cannot express enough how much gratitude I have for Jill and the amazing work she does.

Jill supported me in moving forward with some of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make. Jill comes to every session fully present and dedicated. Jill taught me the value of healthy human connection and the power of eye contact. For me, Jill believed in my capacity to heal and flourish despite all the hardships I was facing. With Jill there is no sense of judg-ment. Jill creates a space of hopefulness and honesty.  

One thing that always set such a wonderful tone for me each session was the neighbourhood where her office is located. Beautiful leafy trees; older style houses with such personality. For me it helped create calmness and contentment, which was always my therapy goal. 
As a newly growing therapist myself, Jill inspires me. Jill walks the talk of her Hakomi practice with ease.  — Alyssa C.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude last night … I have you to thank in part for all the work we did together. My relationship with my daughter is excellent. I feel so connected with her and proud when I’m able to be firm with her, and see her respond in a positive way (sometimes immediately, sometimes gradually, and sometimes eventually). I also feel proud to encourage her and to help her discover and love herself. My girlfriend has opened herself to both of us whole-heartedly (as we have to her as well). It’s wonderful to feel truly loved and appreciated; and to connect with someone. A far cry from where I was a while back. I’m glad you helped me how you did.

I feel I’m able to check-in with myself when I need to, and have helped friends to do so when they’ve needed to. I feel truly privileged to be in the life-situation I’m in right now. Thank You! I still go through tense, tough times and rough emotions, but am able to take a breath and not react, but respond. Life rocks!  — Will M.

Jill is absolutely wonderful. Her cozy office is both welcoming and relaxing, and her calm demeanour, penetrating insight, and gentle investigation of the mind soothes the soul. I learned so much about how deeply I had repressed beliefs, anxiety and negative memories that were controlling my life, and she seemed to effortlessly shift their importance. Jill is the real deal. — John V.

Jill Koziey is an exceptional practitioner for many reasons. Jill presents as a friend-ly and welcoming individual. She has extremely professional etiquette and the ability to make most anyone feel at ease. Jill’s work is of very high quality; it is clear that she is both educated and experienced. Jill empathically relates to people.

In my personal experience, Jill has facilitated a space for me in which I com-fortably moved through deep unconscious feelings. This led to a capacity for me to move more successfully towards what it is that I am truly seeking in my life. With ease do I continue to refer people to Jill and I am always confident that through Jill’s work these referrals will move in a positively life altering direction. 
— Roberta S.