​​Jill Koziey Counselling

The Tremors come on what feels like on their own, but quietly somewhere in my brain I know that they are mine. I can recognize the emotion that comes with the tremor but I’m not holding it in a tight grip, I don’t identify with it. It is something that is no longer mine to store. Memories sometimes come with the tremors but those, too, are fleeting and seem to pass by as the emotion goes. 

Sometimes the tremors feel like my body is laughing or sobbing. Today it felt very scared. I really, truly feel like the TRE brings these emotions to light so I can acknowledge and release them without the death grip I generally hold onto these things with.

I’m still strongly grounded and my coping skills have increased immensely. I feel like I have more room in my brain. — Jen Q.

I am incredibly thankful to Jill for introducing me to TRE. For years I have been managing life’s stresses through exercise and meditation. With the addition of TRE, I have a third powerful tool to help manage stress. Jill does a masterful job of teaching TRE in a supportive and safe environment that maximizes its benefits. She’s a motivating coach and speaker. In group settings I have seen her teach a wide range of students, no matter what their physical capability or limitation. I highly recommend Jill's TRE classes and one-on-one coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to reduce the negative impact of stress on their mind and body.

— Ali E.

TRE has been a life changing gift that Jill has introduced to me. The more I do TRE, the more my life changes for the better. The biggest thing TRE has given me, is freedom from intense anxiety and hope for a better life. 

Some of the other benefits that I have experienced so far:

  • deeper connection with my true authentic self
  • Increased sense of calmness
  • feeling more grounded
  • increased body awareness
  • increased appreciation and love and respect for my body (opened my eyes to how truly amazing the body’s wisdom is)
  • increased range of motion in my hips 
  • increased overall  flexibility in my body

Forever thankful to you Jill! Thank you for introducing me and guiding me through this TRE journey. ❤️

— Cathy M.

I have been a client of Jill Koziey for about 6 months.  I find her to be warm, compassionate, and perceptive.  In dealing with my PTS symptoms, she led me through an exercise pattern of Trauma, Stress and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE). TRE helped immediately and I continue to use it to release any stress my physical body is withholding. 

To deal with the deeper roots of my trauma, I have been talking to Jill on a weekly basis.  Jill has a practice that appeals to my meditative nature.  We look to the past to see where my fears and traumas lie, to discover what my feelings are, and where these feelings show up in my body.  However, her practice model then brings me back to deal with the experience in the present moment. As I have not connected much with my physical body, I am appreciating the mind, body, spiritual awareness I am gaining.

I am very grateful to have found someone with Jill’s professional skills. — Sharon M.